General Information

Senior Grants Coordinator

DEPARTMENT: Grants                      
REPORTS TO: Chief Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
CLASS: Administration        

JOB SUMMARY - The Grants Coordinator assists with the coordination and administration of activities related to the development and monitoring of compliance for all Authority grant funding. Develops grant applications, grant progress reporting, and compliance with grants. Responsible for non-procurement contract file maintenance and compliance with contract requirements. Ensure subrecipients are compliant with all grant regulations. Plan, organize and direct the activities of grants to ensure accurate, and timely reporting of grant data to management, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and other governmental agencies.

1. Researches and reviews new grant opportunities for the benefit of BJCTA.
2. Distributes grant program information so that management can make appropriate decisions on present and future grant opportunities.
3. Prepares grant applications, and administers local, state, and federal grant programs, including review of grant-related purchases.
4. Coordinates grant audits or reviews by third parties. Assists in A-133 Audits and Compliance Reviews.
5. Ensures grant compliance.
6. Coordinates Special Appropriation and Discretionary grant funding requests.
7. Provide direction on grant-funded projects; analyze and track existing grant projects and project budgets to determine priorities for amendments and revisions to ensure timely grant close-out.
8. Implement strategies to secure project funding through grant amendments and revisions; advise the Grants Director in information requirements for the successful obligation of grant funds.
9. Prepares grant budgets and coordinates annual submission of FTA Certifications & Assurances for grant applications. Use and apply knowledge of the federal grant system.
10. Prepare required grant funding agency reports.
11. Prepares for the FTA Triennial Review, including documentation, program updates, logistical planning with consultants, corrective actions, and assistance with grant funding requests, including preparation for all subrecipients.
12. Develops and implements special grant programs which can include data gathering, analysis, and report writing.
13. Implements and maintains grants administration procedures and standards.
14. Maintain all grant-related files, updates secure passwords for grant-related software programs, coordinates special projects with other BJCTA departments as needed, and perform other professional duties as assigned by the Grants Director.
15. Supports the Manager of Grants with administrative tasks related to compliance, generating grant documents, and mailing agreements, and coordinating payments;
16. Maintains grant-making information in the database and other systems as directed by the Manager of Grants.
17. Prepares Milestone Progress Reports.
18. Monitors and calculates sub-recipient fixed asset depreciation.
19. Inputs and processes grant applications.
20. Update and maintain meeting schedules; take meeting minutes.
21. Respond to mail, email, and telephone inquiries;
22. Participates in grant programs team meetings and professional development opportunities to stay up-to-date on developments in the field and compliance requirements;
23. Provides assistance to staff as needed.


Supervision: None


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance or closely related field.

Experience: Two years of experience in grant research and application development. At least two years of experience in administrative support. At least one year of verifiable accounting experience or equivalent college coursework. Experience with federal grants is a plus.

Thorough knowledge and understanding of all grant-related FTA regulations, circulars, and directives. Remain updated on FTA and other federal and state funding programs and all associated requirements to assist staff with grant issues.

1. Prior experience with compliance reviews;
2. Excellent organizational and time management skills;
BJCTA is a Drug-Free/Smoke-Free Workplace, and an Equal Opportunity Employer.