General Information, Job Openings

Operations Supervisor (Fixed Route)

DEPARTMENT:  Operations               
REPORTS TO: Lead Operations Supervisor (Fixed Route)
CLASS: Supervisor                                 
PAY GRADE: 8                                                                      
PAY RANGE: $18.85 - $31.36
FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt/Hourly                                 
REVISED: June 2021

The Operations Supervisor (Fixed Route)oversees a team of fixed-route bus operators in the performance of their daily duties in order to maintain an efficient and reliable transit system. Monitors bus service and investigates and analyzes situations that impact or may impact bus service. Make independent operations decisions and communicates with radio dispatcher and/or management persons on more complex issues. Interacts with management, bus operators, other employees, passengers, and the public to coordinate problem resolution, provide information, carry out assignments and maintain high quality and timely transit service.  

1. Acts in the capacity of Lead Operations Supervisor (Fixed Route) in his/her absence.
2. Supervises bus operator’s performance and behavior; monitors passenger interaction skills, and coaches operators in the use of time.
3. Checks and instructs periodically on proper revenue, transfers, and farebox data collections, and recommends training or retraining, as appropriate to ensure compliance with safety policies.
4. Responds to the changing needs of the BJCTA relevant to coverage of operations, sometimes on minimal notice.
5. Investigates accidents, incidents, disputes, and disturbances as assigned, in accordance with policy, and in conjunction with involved parties.
6. Participates in emergency preparedness planning and coordination.
7. Conducts time point and passenger load checks to ensure schedule and route efficiency.
8. Reschedule buses due to disruptions in service, in conjunction with dispatch.
9. Coordinates routing and scheduling of personnel for special events.
10. Audits service, routes, and road conditions and recommends alternate routes to dispatch or suggests service improvements.
11. Recommends adjustments to run time or additions/deletions to schedules and routes to ensure quality service.
12. Writes reports regarding service disruptions, security incidents, and operator performance/behavior in accordance with policies and procedures. May assist operators in filing reports.
13. Monitors and records service delays and service loss.
14. Tracks and coordinates temporary route detours with police, city, state, and county agencies.
15. Assists in the processing and follow-up of customer service complaints and requests.
16. Assesses the ability of operators to continue in service when investigating accidents, incidents, and potential substance abuse problems.
17. Evaluates the security of an accident scene and determines if the Safety Department needs to be called to the scene.
18. Coordinates with police agencies regarding assaults, disturbances, and undercover operations.
19. Organizes and prioritizes activities ensuring details are accurate.
20. Monitors buses for general appearance, safety compliance, and maintenance.
21. Assists in interviewing and screening new hires as operators.
22. Assists in coordinating the BJCTA’s response to emergencies; severe weather conditions, evacuations, etc.
23. Coordinates with Human Resources and managers and supervisors regarding incidents, accidents, policies, and procedures.
24. Conducts fare inspection audits, policy adherence campaigns, and assists in drug and alcohol programs.
25. Conducts self in an appropriate manner as a representative of the BJCTA; working effectively in a diverse work environment.
26. Takes the proper corrective action when an infraction is observed. 

Supervision: Fixed route operators.

Education: High school diploma or equivalent. Graduation from a two-year college is preferred, but not required. Management or supervisory training is desirable, but not required.  

Experience: Two years of experience is required as a full-time bus operator. This minimum requirement may be met if the actual driving experience is supplemented by other directly related transit driving experiences.

1. Ability to read a map.
2. Ability to acquire a thorough knowledge of the BJCTA service area; including, routes, schedules, and equipment.
3. Thorough knowledge of the operating rules, regulations, and procedures for proper and safe operations of transit vehicles.
4. Thorough knowledge of labor contracts and related policies and procedures.
5. Working knowledge of computers.
6. Ability to manage time effectively.
7. Track and document facts in a timely manner.
8. Ability to make quick decisions using good judgment and common sense.
9. Ability to adapt to constantly changing situations.
10. Ability to operate a bus and related equipment.
11. Ability to provide wheelchair passengers assistance on or off buses, etc., if required.
12. Ability to manage time, deals with multiple tasks simultaneously.
13. Willingness to help out in a variety of situations.
14. Demonstrate sensitivity, empathy, and patience.
15. Ability to direct and supervise the work of subordinates.
16. Availability to work unusual hours, split shifts, weekends and holidays.
17. Ability to communicate; both verbally and in writing, with internal and external customers; including public officials, the riding public, employees, etc.
18. Ability to handle difficult and contentious situations to ensure the safety of the BJCTA’s personnel and customers.
19. Perform other duties similar in nature and level as assigned.

BJCTA is a Drug-Free/Smoke-Free Workplace and an Equal Opportunity Employer.