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The purpose of the Grants Department is to effectively and efficiently safeguard federal funds, seek non-traditional funding opportunities, support the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program by working with department heads to strengthen DBE participation in grant projects, monitor sub-recipients and adhere to compliance with Federal Transit Administration financial reporting guidelines by ensuring that post-award grant administration and project management activities for all applicable FTA grant programs are timely and accurate.

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Department Head

Stephanie Walker

Chief of Staff

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List of Grant Programs

Section 5310 
Enhanced Mobility of Seniors 
& Individuals with Disabilities

This funding can be used for transportation needs of sub-recipients as well as BJCTA’s Paratransit division.
Section 5307 
Preventative Maintenance
This funding is used for Preventative Maintenance of the fleet and to purchase capital items or equipment.
Section 5339 
Bus & Bus Facilities
This funding is used for vehicle enhancements, upgrades to maintenance facility and the construction of new maintenance facility.

Program of Projects:

Program of Projects Public Comment

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