General Information

BJCTA Black History Bus Tour

In honor of Black History Month, students will learn about and be reminded of the important contributions African Americans have made to our country. This week, the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority (BJCTA) will begin a school tour. A specially wrapped bus will travel to local elementary schools. Students will participate in a brief but fun presentation about the important role transit played in history. These young people may even get the chance to win some cool prizes. Hop on the bus with us! Here is a list of the dates, times and addresses for each school:

2-912:30pm Hudson Elementary

3000 – FL Shuttleworth Drive



231-3000Mr. Fred Stewart, Principal  – 375 students
2-109:00amHemphill Elementary

714 – 12th Street SW



 231-7777Ms. Kristin Booker, Principal – 350 students
2-169:00amLewis Elementary

       2015 – 26th Avenue North

231-3440Mr. Jesse Daniel, Principal – 275 students
2-2212:30pmOxmoor Valley Elementary

       3600-Sydney Drive

231-1200Ms. Jackson , Secretary – 210 students